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Sunday, November 20, 2005 

Nothing Special

She wasn't anything special
No flash, no glitz
No tiny dimples
Accenting her smile
Or long, golden
Flowing hair
But she had class
You can tell by the way
She looked in your eyes
When you spoke
Whether it was important
Or not
And it usually wasn't

She wasn't arrogant
Didn't expect every man
To fall at her feet
At least,
You don't think so
So if she did
She never showed it
And I guess that's enough

When she'd look at you
I mean,
Really look at you
Everything in the world
Just got narrowed down
And all the answers
Were hidden deep
Within her playful eyes

She would cry sometimes
Every once in a while
When pains long forgotten
Caught up to her
And she'd look away
Sobbing softly, wiping
Unwanted tears away
Those days,
She doesn't want
Doesn't need
Your kind words

She dreams a lot
Little things, mostly
But she has one
Maybe two
That melt your heart
And when she speaks
You almost think
That maybe
She can change the world

She's not anything special
Not quite gorgeous
Pretty enough
To turn your head
Just a little
As you walk down the street
And when you pass her
You can turn and say
Softly, sincerely
That you've been waiting
A long, long time
For someone that's
Not that special