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Sunday, November 20, 2005 

We Were Dreamers

When you get some free time
Why don't we go back to that place
Where we grew up, through both deed and philosophy
And reminisce, back to sweltering days
Under the protective arms of
Old sycamores
And willows that we would wrap
All of our futures around
So we could watch them grow

Beads of sweat banished from my brow
But quickly replaced by the cool evening dew
Gathered on my golden hands
Trying to catch memories
Along with fireflies in the twilight

And your eyes, as I saw
Through the glow of that mason jar
Sparkled with something
Neither one of us could pin down
We thought it cruel not to set it free

Like you, i've grown weary
Of growing weary
The days of idleness,
So innocently enjoyed
Were but a season that faded
Just a bit before its time
So I was hoping, If you had the time
That you'd come back to me, with me
To that distant place,
Where we can both be dreamers again.

Nice Blankverse Dude.

Keep it up.

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