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Sunday, November 20, 2005 

Ame no naka e

I’m listening still
For the sound of your voice
And looking for the shine of your smile
Dreaming about warm embraces
The smell of your hair, still soaked from the rain
Under an unfamiliar sky

Sometimes I wonder
If those furtive glances and languid sighs
Were all just created
In the recesses of a lonely mind
While the pain caused
By suppressed imagination
Still lies dormant behind my eyes.

It doesn’t even matter
If the things I feel were ever there
The distance between sleep and wake
Grows shorter with every passing day
And reality becomes unnecessary
When a man is left to his own devices

Sometimes I wonder
If I can ever escape
Being held down by those shimmering locks
Of long, soft hair
Still damp from the rain
That reminds me of days gone by.